Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Prehistoric S. Texas comes alive on Web
Archaeologists work hard unlocking the secrets of the past. They dig up artifacts, catalog them and figure out what they mean. Then they stow them in drawers where few people ever see them and write about them in dry academic journals few people ever read.

TexasBeyondHistory.net aims to change all that.

A self-titled virtual museum, the Web site is dusting off the story of prehistoric Texas, wrapping it in a shiny package and presenting it to a global audience. It has easy-to-read narratives, pictures, movies, children's games and lesson plans for teachers, all meticulously compiled using 80 years of research and artifacts from all the state's major archaeological collections, including one at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Looks like a very good site. I checked out a couple of the sites including Lubbock Lake. Lots of historical photos and artifact photos.The "Credits and Sources" links give some background. Now we just need some of the papers published on the sites available online. . . .