Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ancient mystery solved? Taft man says ‘Murphy Mover' explains pyramids
James Murphy said his Apex Delivery and Lifting System - or Murphy Mover - is more than just an explanation. It's a nearly energy free way of lifting and moving large objects.

It doesn't take much power and doesn't need any major outside energy - just gravity.

. . .

Murphy came across his idea reminiscing about riding his swing set as a young boy. As he swung higher and higher, the swing set started moving -- frightening to a young boy, but a revelation to an inventor.

“I would swing so high that the back legs would come off the ground, then the front legs would come off the ground.”

Hmmmm. Picture of the model device:

I'm having trouble imagining how it works. Wish they had a little movie of it.