Thursday, January 25, 2007

Walker site update Archaeologists explain significance of the Walker site
Thor Olmanson is director of the Leech Lake Heritage Sites program and is the project's principal investigator. He is understandably more cautious in describing the site, especially since "we are in the early stages of site material and landform analysis," he said. This fall, he and David Mather, National Register Archaeologist for the state's Historic Preservation Office, invited geologists, soil scientists, fellow archaeologists and other scientists to investigate the site. "As the natural response is skepticism, everyone who came was ready to debunk the site," said Olmanson. "And, so far, they have left convinced that this is something different, something that needs to be looked at more closely" he said.

Considerably more detail in this report than previous ones. It's going to be a tough sell because there is apparently no organic material at all. It seems geologically sealed though so at least disturbance doesn't seem to be an issue. At this point, the crucial things to pin down will be the artifactual nature of the lithics and the dating.

Another shamelessly linked photo. Can't really tell anything from it though: