Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scientist: Sites found that are consistent with Exodus story
An experienced Egyptologist, who has been excavating in northern Sinai since 1994, said Sunday that physical evidence has been uncovered there that is consistent with the story of the Exodus.

Those discoveries appear to support the biblical account of the journey of the Israelites while debunking scholars who say the Exodus never happened.

James K. Hoffmeier, professor of Old Testament and Near Eastern archaeology at Trinity International University, gave a presentation Sunday, Jan. 14, at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Highland Park - a day after the first chapters of the book of Exodus were read in synagogues around the world. The program was sponsored by the Biblical Archaeology Society of Pittsburgh, which is marking its 25th year.

Hmmmm. I guess logically, just because some sites were where they were said to have been doesn't exactly make the Exodus story true, just that whoever wrote Exodus knew Egypt had fortifications along the coast.