Thursday, January 25, 2007

Catblogging update
You may recall from this post that the ArchaeoBlog household acquired a new resident last month, namely a one-eyed kitten. Well, the little critter's doing fine and has, in fact, acquired a name: Jack (as in, one-eyed. . .). He developed a nasty respiratory infection the day after Christmas which caused some concern since A) I'd never had a cat with a bad cold before, and B) He had small amounts of blood emanating from his nose and even his good eye. (!!) Veterinary professionals didn't seem overly concerned about it, and said it was common for shelter cats to contract those things. Stress of moving, exposure to other cats, etc. He's since rebounded quite nicely and is busily making himself at home. The other two felines were wary, but they've come around. He still tries to get the older one to play, but he won't have any of that, but at least he's not all growly and hissy. The younger one is a little more accommodating, but still doesn't quite seem to know how he's supposed to play with such a little guy. Like "Is he attacking me? Do I need to go full-bore romp on him? Will I get yelled at if I do?" Ostensibly, the younger one was obtained so as to give the younger cat someone to play with during the day, as the older one (14) is deep into retirement mode and just likes to sleep in the front window most of the day. So, hopefully it will work out okay in the end.

But they are getting along, at least when both are unconscious (that's the younger cat and Jack):