Monday, January 29, 2007

Geico Cavemen update Hawks has a post up on the Caveman ads with a link to a Ron Rosenbaum post on them. Rosenbaum thinks they jumped the shark with the therapist ad. Sadly they're both WRONG! I didn't much care for the mango salsa one -- he seemed too petulant -- but the airport one is brilliantly done. The music is perfect, he doesn't over-react to anything, perfectly timed, everything. I also love the therapist one, especially the end where he answers his cell phone and says "My mother's calling. I'll put it on speaker." The Cavemen at a party one doesn't seem too good though. I may not get the bit with Tina though, if that means something in particular.

And don't forget to visit! "As America’s oldest and largest caveman civil rights organization, Up With Cavemen works with a unified voice to ensure that cavemen everywhere, no matter their physical appearance, can live open, honest lives."