Friday, February 09, 2007

And now. . . .the news from the EEF

Press report: "Whispers of the past"
Article about John Sarr and his love for ancient Egypt.
"Sarr is perhaps Portland's most enthusiastic scholar of ancient
Egyptian culture and language (..), one of those fabulous Portland
examples of someone who has figured out how to carve a
fully formed second life from his spare time."
"Sarr will give a lecture on the Portland Art Museum's
collection of more than 1,300 scarabs at 2 p.m. Feb. 11 in
the Fields Sunken Ballroom; $5 members, $10 non-members, or 503-226-0973. "

Press report: "It’s Settled, Then"
Lengthy article about the resettlement plans for Qurna
residents; with a history of the Gurnawis.

Subject: Amenemope Dissertation address changed
A number of Egyptological web sites have links to the online
text of my doctoral dissertation, "The Instruction of Amenemope:
A Critical Edition and Commentary--Prolegomenon and Prologue".
The dissertation has recently been moved to a new location, and
the old web address will be going away soon, so all links should
be updated accordingly.
The OLD link was:
The NEW link is:

Online article: Stanley Burstein, "When Greek was an African
Language", Frank M. Snowden Jr. Lectures, Howard University,
Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, DC. August, 2006
About the role of Greek and Greek culture in ancient and
medieval Nubia (Nubia and Kush during the Ptolemaic,
Roman and Christian periods).

M. Kamel Hussein, "An Ancient Egyptian Treatise on Traumatology,
2800 BC", in: Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, vol. 31 B, no 2
(May 1949), pp. 309-312. In PDF, 614 kB
A look at AE medicine and the Edwin Smith Papyrus.

Philip Salib, "Orthopaedic and Traumatic Skeleton Lesions in
Ancient Egyptians", in: Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery,
vol. 44 B, no.4 (November 1962), pp. 944-947. In
PDF, 432 kB
Looks at skeletal affections in AE corpses.

End of EEF news