Friday, February 16, 2007

Walker "site" update Ancient Stone "Tools" Found; May Be Among Americas' Oldest
"We were certainly very surprised to find these objects here," said Matt Mattson, a biologist and archaeologist who has been working as a contractor for the Leech Lake Heritage Sites program, based near Cass Lake, Minnesota.

But the late Ice Age relics still need to be positively dated and confirmed as human-made before the stones' significance can be established, Mattson and other experts caution.

David Meltzer is an archaeologist at Southern Methodist University in Texas. He said that "there's simply no way to gauge the significance of the discovery until some reliable dates are obtained, and until it's shown that these are truly artifacts."

Doesn't say much more than is already known. BTW, I used the quote marks above because it's unknown at this time, not as a big pronouncement.