Monday, February 05, 2007

The Greatest Pyramid Stories Ever Told

Mark Rose from Archaeology Magazine sends this across the EEF lists:
We at Archaeology magazine are taking a look at some of the strange ideas advanced over the years for how/when/by whom the Giza pyramids were built.
Perhaps you have a "favorite" crank theory, or while at Giza overheard a strange xplanation by a tourist or guide. If you are willing to share such Giza stories, please reply OFF LIST to
If there are a sufficient number, I'll compile them and post.

The concrete pyramids theory is my current favorite.

Actually, a friend of mine from my last project in Egypt had it all figured out. Seems one day he was sitting outside the hotel having a smoke and idly suggested that making a little courtyard with benches would be a nice idea. And the next day a couple workers were out making a courtyard. Soooooooo:
Sneferu: "Y'know. . . .if we put a big artificial hill over in Saqqara, I could probably see my house from the top."