Monday, February 26, 2007

Non-archaeology post One of the best bands you probably never heard of, Dreams So real:

More about the group here.

I have a cassette tape of the Jericho album that I got from an old roomate who had the CD. I've been rummaging through the used racks for years trying to find a CD copy, but to no avail. I was hoping iTunes would have it, but still no dice. Anyway, they weren't all that innovative, mostly just straight-ahead rock, but it was an excellent album, IMO. One of those great compilations where every track is different but they still hold together well. In truth, the post should probably be "One of the best albums you probably never heard of" since the other stuff they did ain't so hot.

I guess there's some vague archaeological connection there, if the whole 'Jericho' thing refers to the Biblical and archaeological site. I haven't listened to the dumb thing in a couple of years now (reason I brought this up: I do, in fact, have their followup CD Gloryline), but I recall the lyrics seemingly having something to do with it.

Funny, I grew up about 20 miles from a little town in Wisconsin called Jericho. Might not even be a town for all I know. Took me a long time to figure that one out. There's actually a "holy land" in Wisconsin, though not near Jericho. Apparently, there are several small towns in and around Holy Hill near Oconomowoc that have Biblical names. You may be familiar with Oconomowoc due to the recent, er, uproar that's been in the news. My family went to Holy Hill once, but I was so small I don't remember a thing.