Friday, February 16, 2007

And now. . . .the news from the EEF

Press report: "Egyptian policeman arrested for
trying to sell four ancient statues"
"The police stormed the guard's house in Negada village
in Qena and found four small pharaonic statues in his
possession. One of the statues is ebony and the three
others are golden. One is in the shape of a bird, another is
a statue of a 16th dynasty (about 1600 BC) king, the
third is of a pharaonic fighter and the fourth is of a noble. "

(RE: Three coffins discovered by the Japanese) A press report that contains a color photo:
"Find may reveal secrets of the dead, 4000 years on"
"The [New Kingdom] coffin... its inscription says it to belonged
to a person called Waya-ly."

-- A press report that gives the names a little less garbled,
namely as Waya-Iy, Sebek Hetep and Snet-It-Ess:

Press report: "Egypt's Child Gods Shown on Artifact"
About the recently found doorway beam found at the
birth house of the Temple Precinct of Mut, with a good
description and a photo of the object.

Press report: "Coin shows Cleopatra's ugly truth"
About the looks of Cleopatra, as 'revealed' by
a silver coin. "She had a pointed chin, thin lips and
sharp nose." [This ''news" pops up about every year...
And do note the size of the coin and consider whether
it could really be an accurate 'portrait'. ]

"Archaeological Mission of the Bologna University at Kkom
Umm el-Atl (Fayyum - Egypt). Preliminary Report of the XV
Excavation Campaign, 2nd-28th November 2006"
"The 2006 Excavation Campaign has been divided in two
phases. In the first one, we brought to light, in the so-called
kôm south, the structures of a church, which is the first one
attested not only in Bakchias, but in the whole northern part
of the Fayyum; in the second phase we carried on the excavation
of the temple of the crocodile god Soknobraisis (Temple E),
which began in November 2005."

Jerome C. Rose, "Paleopathology of the commoners at
Tell Amarna, Egypt, Akhenaten's capital city", in: Memórias
do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, vol. 101, Suppl. II, pp. 73-76
(2006), in PDF (133kB):
Analysis of the skeletal material of the South Tombs
cemetery at Tell Amarna.

[Submitted by Kate Newkirk]
"The Egyptian Crowns and Syrio-Palestinian Deities in the
New Kingdom: Its Meaning and Necessity"
A poster in PDF format by Keiko Tazawa and Dr. Ian Shaw
(470 kB):

"Tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Opened for VR Photographer"
"The tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh in the Valley of the Kings -
closed to the public for over 10 years - can now be viewed
for the first time in a stunning series of fifteen panoramas ..."

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