Thursday, March 01, 2007

And now. . . .the news from the EEF

Press reports: "France to return 'pharaoh's hair' to Egypt"
"France is to hand over to Egypt a lock of hair said
to belong to the mummy of Ramses II that was put on sale
on the Internet last year. (..) French authorities recently
wrapped up a judicial investigation into the case, but are
not[!] expected to press charges against the seller."
[For the surfacing of this hairy scandal, see EEFNEWS (434).]

Press reports: "5-year-old gives up her year's savings
for U of M mummy-- $6.75 "
"Geni Gallant is 5 years old and passionate about ancient
Egypt. She's so passionate, in fact, that when the Oklahoma
native found out that the University of Memphis' Institute
of Egyptian Art and Archeology needed money to buy
new cases for its mummy collection, she saved up for a
whole year to donate to the cause."

Press report: "The tragedy of Isadora in pictures"
About the tomb of Isadora in Touna el-Gebel, and the
story of this Roman Period lady as told by the tomb scenes.

Press report: "Egyptian obelisk to be be erected in Beijing"
"An [newly constructed] Egyptian obelisk will be erected in Beijing
as part of the ceremonies to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the
relations between Egypt and China."

The Australian Centre for Egyptology, Macquarie University,
Sydney Australia, has begun to put online (as PDF files) some
of its 'out of print' publications. Two have appeared:
-- ACE Studies I: The Family in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt,
by Sheila Whale, 1989
-- ACE Reports 8: The Teti Cemetery in Saqqara, Volume I,
by N Kanawati and A Hassan, 1996
-- And don't overlook their section of downloadable selected
newsletter articles, the full Newsletters archive, and the Reports
of previous excavation and research:

Shannon McPherron has put up some relevant papers on
her website - about prehistoric Egypt mostly:
-- Shannon R. McPherron, Deborah Olszewski, Harold
L. Dibble, Jennifer Smith, Utsav A. Schurmans, "High
Desert Paleolithic Survey at Abydos (Egypt): Preliminary
Report", in: Journal of Field Archaeology vol. 30 (2005),
pp. 283-303; in PDF (3.17 MB)
-- Shannon R. McPherron, Harold L. Dibble, "Using
Computers in Adverse Field Conditions: Tales from the
Egyptian Desert", in: The SAA Archaeological Record 3(5)
(2003), pp. 28-32; in PDF (1.24 MB)
-- Shannon R. McPherron, Deborah Olszewski, Harold L.
Dibble, Marie Soressi, "Middle Egypt in Prehistory: A
Search for the Origins of Modern Human Behavior and
Human Dispersal", in: Expedition 43(2) (2001), pp.31-37;
in PDF (6.30 MB)
-- For the Abydos Survey for Prehistoric Sites (ASPS) project,
mentioned in the above papers, see EEFNEWS (397).

End of EEF news