Monday, March 19, 2007

Fight! Fight! Campaigners hit out as historical sites are dismantled
The group lobbying for the re-routing out of the M3 motorway is hitting out at the removal of a series of ancient underground buildings from the site in the past week.

A team of archaeologists removed the souterrains this week, which date back to the early Christian era.

The National Roads Authority says historical buildings like this were relatively common in Ireland.

Siobh€n Rice of the TaraWatch lobby group says she is heartbroken over the works.

"We have asked time and time again that independent archaeologists be allowed to inspect these sites - and to no avail. All of our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. I don't think it would happen in any other country in Europe - it's an absolute disgrace," she said.

That's the whole thing.