Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shameless attempt to produce traffic by linking to a picture of Kylie Minogue's butt Why cavemen liked curvy cavewomen...like Kylie
HERE are a few exceptions which will always stand out, but most female stars yearn for a diminutive derriere.

However, it appears that the small and slender bottom is very much a recent trend after an archaeological discovery revealed how Stone Age pin-ups were far from size zero.

Ancient carvings depicting the female form 15,000 years ago reveal that prehistoric women were revered for their curvaceous bodies and prominent buttocks.

The most popular were the cave-dwellers’ equivalents of Kylie Minogue (pictured), whose renowned behind is the world’s most popular posterior.

Said posterior:

Men looking for a mate ignored skinnier women and fought for females with the shapeliest behinds.

Experts said a well-presented bottom was a sign of wealth, health and a good diet.

They also suggested she would be a successful mother, able to produce lots of children and sent out a message to other men that her partner was a strong and successful hunter – making him more attractive to other women.

This has got to be tongue-in-cheek (as it were), a bizarre rendering of the actual work (which I suspect), or really bizarre interpretations by generally good archaeologists (Schild). Seems a bit of a stretch to say these figurines were the Magdalenian equivalent of a Playboy centerfold. That would imply that these things were supposed to directly represent an ideal human form (without a head???), which seems, well, a little screwy.

Besides, I know of no one who would think Minogue's rump, as attractive as it is (if you're into that sort of thing), would be classified as "big".

And I'll just leave it right there. This is a family blog, after all.