Monday, March 12, 2007

‘Indus Valley civilization was more varied and wider’
Indus Valley civilization was much more varied and wider than historians believed till date,” said Professor of Archaeology and Heritage Management, Boston University, Mohammed Rafique Mughal on Monday.

"Extensive exploration and excavation of sites in the upper Indus Valley and the lower Sindh have revealed a widespread cultural phenomena which existed at that time," said Mughal, delivering the Dr I H Qureshi Memorial Lecture, the Harappan civilization, at St Stephen's College.

Claiming that field researches at Harappan sites—both in India and Pakistan —are leading to fresh interpretations, Mughal said, "While we are still striving to understand various aspects of this civilization, certain cultural patterns are emerging from the current research that offers new perspective to various aspects of the Harappan Civilization."