Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Abu El Haj update Looks like at least one vote for tenure went her way. Opinion piece follows, views do not necessarily reflect those of ArchaeoBlog, its employees, or subsidiaries, blah blah blah, insert more boilerplate here.

Barnard's Shame, Columbia's Dirty Deal
By voting to grant tenure to Nadia Abu El Haj, my alma mater has chosen to give one of its highest honors to a woman who rejects the principle that scholarly research must be based on evidence. We are not outsiders - no matter what anyone claims, even the outgoing President of Barnard. We are the ones who attended Barnard, the ones who graduated from there and have hopefully gone on to make lives that better the name of the alma mater we love. We have the right -- even the obligation -- to speak out now. This was never an issue for the scholars alone to decide because scholarship was left behind when "Professor" Nadia Abu El Haj turned what should have been a scholarly work into a political tool to get her agenda published.