Monday, July 23, 2007

Fakery? At the BBC? Naaaah. Bear Grylls 'faked Channel 4's Born Survivor'
A former SAS soldier became embroiled in the television faking row yesterday after it was revealed that he stayed in hotels during a series about surviving unaided in the "hellholes of the world".

Viewers saw Bear Grylls biting the head off a snake for breakfast and sucking the fluid from fish eyeballs as he lived "rough" in the Channel 4 series Born Survivor.

But a crew member said yesterday that after the camera stopped Grylls would often stay in hotels - including one with internet access and blueberry pancakes for breakfast - and that many of his daring missions were stage-managed.

Whoops. I watched a couple of these yesterday including the Sierra Nevadas one where he tries to bridle a supposedly wild horse (which looked suspiciously well-groomed and fed). He always seemed to have boundless energy for one who has spent three days eating nothing but a handful of berries and a baby snake.

Suvivorman rooolz anyway.