Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cat blogging

Never fear, gentle readers, we here at ArchaeoBlog will not submit to the usual temptation of posting about every cute little thing our darling felids do, nor provide endless pictures of said critters. Nevertheless, in our constant search across the globe for offbeat and unusual news of an archaeological bent, we hereby submit to you this, probably wrong but nonetheless entertaining, tidbit on the military use of our feline friends:

Unusual Military Animals
The earliest examples of cats being used in warfare dates back to the Ancient Egypt during a war against Persia. The Persians, fully aware of the reverance that Egyptians paid to their felines, rounded up as many cats as they could find and set them loose on the battlefield. When the Egyptians were faced with either harming the cats or surrendering, they chose the latter.

News to me. Never heard of this fearsome Cat Strategy. Probably mythical.

"Surrender or DIE, Egyptian scum!"