Saturday, October 13, 2007

And now. .. .a few items from the EEF

Press report: "Mummies tell their tales from the crypt"
"Ms Davey and a team of colleagues from the Victorian Institute
of Forensic Medicine are using modern medical and forensic techniques,
including CT scans and DNA testing [to study three mummies].(..).
The mummified bodies of the boy and two girls, nicknamed "the
angelic one", the "cross one" and the "sad one", had been in the
British Museum since the 1870s (..) [and are] coming from the
Graeco-Roman period (...) Dr Pam Craig, a lecturer at Melbourne
University School of Dental Science, had also examined [a]
seven-year-old's head [from Melbourne's Australian Institute of
Archaeology] — and made a momentous discovery (...) .the child
had had two of its baby teeth extracted, along with one permanent
tooth. The child's mouth was crowded with teeth, and so it appeared
that these teeth had been removed to alleviate the crowding. It was
the first-known example of this kind of "cosmetic dentistry" in
the Graeco-Roman period. "

Hmmm. only one item. Well, there you have it.