Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Man wants to know what to do with old bones he found in an attic
Ralph Swett is a self-described pack rat, but even he was surprised when he pried open a box taken from a Ryegate attic decades ago and saw what was inside: two human skulls, some long bones, pieces of spine and other remains.

Written on one of the skulls was an explanation. The bones belonged to victims of an Indian massacre in Colorado in 1854 and they'd been dug up during construction of a hotel in Pueblo in 1888. Another bone, a scapula or shoulder bone, bears what appears to be anatomical notations.

Now Swett, 77, who claims Abenaki heritage and is the leader of a loosely affiliated group of people with Indian ancestry who call themselves the Clan of the Hawk, is trying to decide what to do with the bones.

Read the whole thing. There's some interesting stuff there.