Monday, October 08, 2007

Stalag Luft III's 'Great Escape' tunnels revealed
The archaeology of warfare has a long history, and now includes the study of bullets scatter across battlefields, such as the Little Big Horn and Naseby, the airfields and aircraft of the Battle of Britain and, more recently, the hardware of the Cold War. However, a new area of discovery has been opened up in the investigation of a Nazi prisoner-of-war camp and attempts to escape from it during the Second World War.

The camp is question is the famous Stalag Luft III, the site of such notorious escape episodes as those immortalised in the film The Wooden Horse, from Eric Williams’s book, and the mass breakout described in Paul Brickhill’s The Great Escape, when 76 RAF men got away, only for most of them to be murdered by the Gestapo on recapture.

Well, that's funny, I did a search and found I posted about this way back in 2004. I did another one not too long ago, but I'm having trouble finding it. There's a Nova show about it.