Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Celadon porcelains unearthed in Jiangxi
A group of ancient tombs was discovered in Shangzhuang County of Fengcheng City in Jiangxi Province, exciting archaeologists. Unfortunately they only found two broken pieces of porcelain after thoroughly searching the tombs because almost all of the sites had been robbed.

Just as they were thinking about giving up the search, having discovered that the last tomb they checked was empty of relics, the scientists located a new, hidden tomb linked to the empty one via a side grave room. At first when they perceived the big hole, they thought that it was a tunnel dug by tomb robbers.

But when they explored through the tunnel, they found a well-protected tomb with more than a dozen exquisite celadon pieces of porcelain laid inside a coffin. Actually it is quite rare to find these kinds of connected twin tombs. Experts have guessed that they were a set built specifically for a husband and wife.

Two photos of the pieces at the site. Uncleaned though.