Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blogging update Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. I was having automobile issues. Mr. Mustang wasn't starting. I started it in the garage Monday morning, backed out into the driveway and it stalled and wouldn't start for a half hour. It would crank, just not turn over. Once I got it going again, I drove it about a half mile and it conked out again (but thankfully started). So I took it to a nearby mechanic and, of course, it started fine for them all day, so they could really do anything. Eh, I figured, maybe it's just an intermittent thing when it's damp or something. Yesterday it started fine cold, I drove it to the gym, worked out, but when I came back out. . . . .nothing. Towed it back to same mechanic, and he took four tries to get it to start, but was unable to get the diagnostic equipment on to see exactly what was causing it. And, of course, it started and ran fine the rest of the day.

The mechanic's worst nightmare: you know something's wrong, but you can't duplicate it to find out exactly what it is.

He thought it was probably the distributor/ignition just based on what it was doing. I called my usual guy, the one who installed the new engine, and he kinda thought the same thing, and checked the old invoices. Ah yes, the (NAPA) distributor they put in was installed with the engine -- 13 months old. Trouble is, the warranty on the distributor was only 12 months. They eventually found a code in the computer indicating that's where the problem was, so now I have a new Motorcraft distributor.

This may solve a longstanding problem, too. I had an old Buick that did the same thing: started fine cold, but then after about 10 minutes it would try to stall and if it did, wouldn't start again for 30-45 minutes. I always thought it was the choke or something, but looking back I did have problems with the distributor, too; I was always having to clean the contacts on the rotator and replacing it every few months.

Apart from that, I suggest giving Cavemen another shot. They're getting a bit better with the humor -- quicker and more out of left field. And the building manager lady or whatever is just freakin' hysterical.

Our regularly scheduled blogging will resume shortly.