Thursday, November 01, 2007

Archaeologist presents Maya topic at Lyon

Dr. Gloria Everson, Lyon College’s associate professor of anthropology, has “spent many months living in tents in the rainforest” with Dr. Norman Hammond. And on Friday, she introduced her colleague, friend and teacher to a capacity audience.

Hammond, professor and chairman of the department of archaeology at Boston University, presented his program, “Exploring La Milpa: A Classic Maya City in Belize,” in the Derby Center at Lyon.

His work in the long lost Mayan city is part of an archaeological project funded by the National Geographic Society and Boston University. British archaeologist Sir Eric Thompson discovered La Milpa in 1938.

Hammond’s research interests include pre-Columbian archaeology, comparative archaeology and history of archaeology. His work deals with the emergence and decline of complex societies, exchange and the history of archaeology.

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