Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Archaeology right down the crapper Beckett Point residents flush with excitement now that community septic system almost finished
Beckett Point resident Bill Smith was among 40 happy homeowners who could flush their toilets with a clear conscience last week after contractors for Jefferson County Public Utility District successfully switched on part of the community's new septic system and drain field.

"It's been a long process," said a smiling Smith, a five-year Beckett Point resident who watched Friday as PUD employees were trained to operate the new $2.8 million system expected to be completed in late February.

. . .

While Smith and other Beckett Point residents praised Jefferson County Public Utility District leaders, saying they had gone beyond the call of duty, there was a dark time last spring when PUD officials nearly walked away from the project.

That was shortly after PUD-contracted Pape and Sons uncovered Native American remains and artifacts — 58 bones and bone fragments — in late May, and the PUD was faced with uncertain delays and additional expenses.