Monday, January 07, 2008

Semi-breaking news I got this the other day but was too busy to post it right away: Czech archeologists find intact Egyptian tomb chamber
"Czech archaeologists found an intact 4,500-year-old tomb
chamber of an Egyptian dignitary in the Abusir Pyramids area (..)
The Egyptologists discovered the bricked-up entrance to the
four-by-two-metre chamber at the bottom of a 10-metre-deep
shaft (..) The tomb chamber belonged to sacrificer Neferinpu
who had lived and worked in the area's pyramids in [dyn. 5] (..)
The Czech scientists, who have been working in the region since
the 1970s, first discovered the tomb complex of Neferinpu's
family in 2006. They located and examined the sacrificer's
burial chamber which contains his sarcophagus and scores
of burial objects in November (..)."

Via EEF.