Monday, January 21, 2008

Blogging update Back to the grind, more or less. The ArchaeoWife's recovery is progressing though still slowly. Still swollen but she's "eating", but still not enough IMO. The surgeon said last Friday that the placement of the bone wasn't as bad as he'd originally thought, but now he's saying 4 weeks wired shut instead of 2. So who knows. It's caused some difficulty in the whole food preparation strategy; we'd planned on 2-3 days of liquid followed by several weeks of really mushy stuff but now the liquid is going to continue for some time. We had a couple of Zip-n-Squeeze bags but they're wearing out quickly and the straw doesn't have the diameter to accommodate thicker liquids. I ordered some more online, but the ones we have might not last until the new ones arrive (I ordered some larger-bore ones).

AND I HATE THE BLENDER WE GOT. It's a Hamilt-Beach Wave Station and so far I think it's way overdesigned. The pitcher is two pieces and so far the bottom has popped off once throwing the contents all over the counter, and now the seal at the junction of the two pieces is already failing. Plus the little spout at the bottom is practically useless unless the material is the consistency of water; otherwise it just gets clogged up. I'm seriously considering going out and buying a simple 2-speed thing.

We also ("we" as in me and 4 in-laws) started the tiling of the kitchen backsplash yesterday. Much more involved than I thought as it involved putting on a backing. Probably a good idea, but I think just slapping the tile on would have been adequate. Looks great though; I'll have pictures when it's done. Then all that's left (major anyway) is the floor which will probably be Marmoleum. I've learned enough about tiling to know that A) I can now do the basement floor myself, and B) That I will henceforth pay someone else to do walls.

On to actuall archaeo-blogging. . . .