Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Information wanted on Eglin project
Local archaeologists are attempting to track down JB-2 missile informants, but not the spy kind.

Archaeologists from Prentice Thomas and Associates are seeking anyone who has information or memorabilia from Eglin’s historic JB-2 missile launch sites.

“We’re hoping to find people that are within the area that would have worked on this project back in the ’40s so we can get personal interviews with them to find out what they did out there, what their responsibilities were — kind of get an idea of how daily operations were run out there,” said Erica Meyer, PTA staff archaeologist.

The JB-2 missile launch sites lie on the beaches on both sides of Eglin’s active test area A-10 on Santa Rosa Island. The sites were built in 1944 to test launch the American version of the German World War II V-1 guided missile. The sites are on the National Register of Historic Places.