Sunday, January 07, 2007

Archaeologists uncover ancient Roman road
Archaeologists in the Netherlands have uncovered what they believe is part of the military road that Roman soldiers patrolled nearly 2,000 years ago while guarding against hostile Germanic tribes at the Roman Empire's northern boundary.

The road was in use from roughly A.D. 50 to 350, before it fell into disrepair and eventually disappeared underground, said archaeologist Wilfried Hessing, who is leading the excavations in Houten, about 30 miles southeast of Amsterdam.

The stretch of road in Houten is believed to have connected two forts - Traiectum, which gives its name to the modern city of Utrecht, and Fectio, modern Vechten.

The road was discovered by the Dutch train company Prorail during preparations to add extra rail lines in the area.

Obviously not in Buffalo. That's the whole thing.