Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cavemen update Premieres tonight! I was thinking of liveblogging it, but what's the point? I'd be typing away and miss stuff anyhow. Thus, I shall watch it intently, consider my opinion carefully, and then type a bunch of crap about it tomorrow. But feel free to comment on it beforehand.

UPDATE: Welllllll. . . . .it was okay. I laughed about 5 times. An, er, yes, once was at the "stick with your genus" line. Heh. It was actually better than I'd feared. There were some nice touches in it: some cave art hanging in their apartment, for example, though I didn't quite see enough of that sort of thing to really make them cavemen-ish enough, IMO. I think one guy looked like he was going to eat a whole fish. I haven't watched a sitcom in years (except for a couple nights stuck in a cabin that only got like 3 channels of TV), so I can't really compare it to others in the current genre.

The three main characters have distinct personalities (and was the original Caveman from the commercials in there a couple of times? I think so. . .). A couple of the ancillary characters were a hoot, especially the leasing agent lady. The satire wasn't quite as outrageous as I'd hoped, but I might be comparing it to something like Blazing Saddles which could never be made today. They didn't seem to stay on one "victim group"; the sexual prowess seemed aimed at black men, but then when they switched it to "Maybe she's got a fetish" it went off in a different direction, which I usually associate with asians.

Still, unless it gets markedly better, I predict failure by midseason. I'll probably watch succeeding episodes just in case they start dropping some paleoanth/archy gags (Call my agent, ABC, I've got a million).