Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Important news I just got this via email from one "hraas@email.si":
I am in possession of some data that is of an ancient origin. It is a
scientific data that could clarify a lot of gaps in a variety of
science branches and it is connected with Egyptian hieroglyphs. Its
size is immense and its content could very well knock one off his
feet. I have not included any of it in this letter because you have
to see this with your own eyes. If you want the data it could be
arranged. Just reply to this letter with blank one. Do not include
any questions at this point, for I will send you detailed
instructions in the next letter. I will include some of the data as
well so you will have something tangible. I believe a person of your
profile would be interested in such knowledge and that is why I have
notified you.[some XML code excluded -- ed.]

I feel certain that this will be a turning point in science. . . . .