Sunday, June 24, 2007

6000 year old burials discovered at Gelabar Dam in Zanjan, Iran

“Following the archeological excavations in this prehistoric site, and after removing architectural layers, 4 burials belonging to 6000-year ago were discovered. It is believed that probably all skeleton found in these graves belong to children,” told CHN, Abulfazl Ali, head of archeological team working behind Gelabar Dam.

According to him based on traditions of people living in prehistoric period these burials have been done without putting any gifts in the graves and children were buried in the floor of the houses.”

A cemetery belongs to Iron Age I (1550-1250BC) have also been discovered, announcing this news, Ali told CHN: “More than 4 graves have been discovered in this cemetery which in all of them earthen vessels in red or grey have been found intact.”

There's a photo of one of the burials on the above page.

Another article on the same website, dating to the 9th June, discusses excavations also behind the Gelabar Dam which revealed that the existing fortress which was supposed to date back to Islamic period belongs to Parthian dynastic era. There's a photo of the dam on that page.