Friday, June 22, 2007

I think that today's set of posts may be my last lot before Tony's return. I could be wrong, and perhaps it would have been sensible to have saved the email that gave me details of his holiday timings somewhere safe, but it seems to have become lost in the labyrinthine nightmare of Outlook folders and sub folders. I really must sort the whole thing out. One day. Not today.

But I'll wish you all a fond farewell now, just in case.

I also want to say a huge thanks to Kat Newkirk, who is one of my chief lifesavers on my own blog, for forwarding me items of interest that she has found.

I will be very glad to see Good King Anthony returned to his rightful place at the throne of the Kingdom of ArchaeoBlog - I never realized just how much archaeological news there is out there, and how difficult it is to select which bits to exclude for fear of overloading visitors with data. I don't think that I always managed to get a good balance (today, for example, was just a bit busy, but what to reject??)

Tony, come and take this sceptre out of my hand before I do some damage with it.

All the best to everyone, and thanks for bearing with me :-)