Monday, June 25, 2007

Archaeology Channel video This just in from Pettigrew:

The African origin of humanity clearly is a
subject of profound interest. What better way to explore this topic
than through the eyes of the latest generation of the renowned Leakey
family? We did just that in Exploring Human Origins: An interview
with Louise Leakey, the latest video feature on our nonprofit
streaming-media Web site, The Archaeology Channel

In this interview, conducted on May 1, 2007, by Rick Pettigrew of
ALI, Dr. Louise Leakey discusses the subject of human origins and her
life as a paleoanthropologist. Dr. Leakey, who grew up in Kenya as
the daughter of paleoanthropologists Richard and Meave Leakey, was
the Keynote Speaker for the 2007 edition of The Archaeology Channel
International Film and Video Festival, hosted by ALI in Eugene,
Oregon. On the day of her address to the Festival, she and Dr.
Pettigrew paused in the lobby of the Hilton Eugene Hotel to have a
conversation on her favorite subject. The discussion included both
personal reflections on her life as a Leakey and issues of human
evolution and its relevance to people today. With remarkable candor
and warm personality, Dr. Leakey demonstrates that exploring the deep
human past is much more than a purely academic subject.

Haven't seen it yet, but I wanted to pass it along.

UPDATE: Ew. Sorry about the formatting. Copied straight from email.