Monday, June 25, 2007

I. . . . .am back

Posting by yours truly will resume shortly. Many, many THANKS to Andie and Kat for filling in. I must now redouble my efforts at creating entertaining and informative posts to live up to their standards.

Vacation was so-so. Nice to be at home, nice to relax and all, but. . . . I caught a stinking cold on the flight over. Grrrr. I can't prove it but some dumb kid was sitting behind me coughing. So, Friday and Saturday were healthy, but by Sunday I knew I had something and Monday was a full-blown disease. Bad sucker, too. Not one of those colds where you feel bad for a couple of days then and start to get better; it just hung on and on. Today is the first day I've felt noticeably better in the past week. Yippee.

Thus, not only did I not go and see people -- not wanting to talk a lot or spread the disease to them -- but I also didn't go see a lot of stuff I could take pictures and post about. So, all you get is a few photos of Silurian and Wisconsin glacial geology. Probably tomorrow. I have about a thousand emails to wade through. . . .