Thursday, June 21, 2007

Press Release: Launch of First Scholarly Journal In Forensic Anthropology

Sweetwater Scientific is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of Journal of Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology, the first scholarly publication exclusively serving this vital and increasingly global discipline.

Led by a distinguished editorial team including Doug Ubelaker, Norm Sauer, Bradley Adams, and Marcella Sorg, among others, JFAA will publish peer-reviewed articles that advance research and practice in the field as well as editorials, case reports, news and conference information, and poignant "day in the life" narratives from practitioners across a broad range of practice areas. "Our research found that, in spite of the expanding scope of the field, forensic anthropology has been underrepresented in the existing literature," said Donna Vaillancourt, Executive Managing Editor at Sweetwater. "We're pleased to be the first publisher to provide a rigorous forum for disseminating research and establishing universal best-practice standards exclusively for this discipline."

Forensic anthropologists apply physical anthropology and human osteology techniques to aid in the identification of skeletal remains and assess time and cause of death. Their expertise has been used in a range of cases from confirming the identity of Tsar Nicholas II, to providing closure for families whose loved ones were victims of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 or of mass genocide in Bosnia, Iraq, and Guatemala.

The first quarterly issue of JFAA is scheduled for July 2007.

Subscription and submission information is available on the Journal Web site at or by phone at 978.369.6095.
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