Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lara Croft, move over She digs history's mysteries
"Whenever I went to the library to check out the books, that's all you'd see ... books about mummies and the gold statues with the ruby eyes," she told me last week. "That's how my interest was piqued in the subject."

But when she became involved in actual digs, she found that she didn't need to go to Egypt or the Yucatan to experience the thrill of discovery and the flush of fame.

It's actually a pretty good article on Schablitsky's work on the Donner Party and some other sites. It mentions gender issues, but only briefly and not in any detail. I swear I've linked to her stuff before, but I can't find it on a search. Eh, whatever. Here's the eye candy shot:

{Edit] That looks just like a photographer's set-up shot. "Now, squat down and pretend like you're digging with your trowel."