Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Breaking news This from the EEF:

Press Release: CT-scans of Egyptian Mummies from
the Valley of the Kings
Date: July 10, 2007



"New studies on three controversial ancient cadavers from the
Valley of the Kings. The first of these is a disarticulated skeleton,
believed by some to be the "heretic" pharaoh Akhenaten, from a
cache of Amarna-period (mid-14th century BC) material ( KV 55);
and the other two are anonymous mummies found in a side chamber
of KV 35, the New Kingdom tomb of Amenhotep II (c. 1454-1419 BC),
which was used as a cache for New Kingdom royal bodies in the
21st Dynasty (c. 1081-931 BC). One of this latter pair of mummies
has been in the news a great deal of late, as she has been identified
as Akhenaten's wife, the beautiful Nefertiti; the other is thought by
some scholars to be Queen Tiye, Akhenaten's mother. These new
scans have revealed that many of the ideas being promoted about
them are in fact unfounded, and that further research is needed before
conclusions can be reached concerning their identities."

None of the actual scans posted, sadly.