Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New software lights up archaeology
New software which works out much more realistically how ancient buildings would have looked in their glory by generating accurate plays of light sources has been developed by scientists in England.

The project, developed at Warwick University in the West Midlands, brings ancient architectural features to life through a revolutionary sophisticated modelling of light.

This allows archaeologists to study how buildings and artwork would have really looked at the time, right down to the differing lighting provided by the types of candles used.

This is cool, but one wishes -- it may be out there and I'm not aware of it because I don't really go searching for such things -- this could get stuck on the web allowing visitors to see what a lot of these places were like in their original colors and structures in natural light. Might not be enough horsepower available to people though. I have seen one or two things like this, but can't remember them offhand.