Monday, October 09, 2006

Ancients buried with their pets in two Narges-Tappeh graves
A team of archaeologists working at Narges-Tappeh recently unearthed two graves where animals were buried with their owners at the ancient site, the Persian service of CHN reported on Sunday.

The team discovered skeletons of a woman and her child, who were buried with a dog and its puppy. They have also found a skeleton of a man buried seated upon his horse at Narges-Tappeh, which is located in northern Iran near Gorgan, Golestan Province.

“We discovered the mother buried in a squatting position and her child, which date back to the early first millennium BC, and the dog and its puppy were buried a little above and to the left side (of her),” team director Qorban-Ali Abbasi said.

Kind of touching until you realize that the pups were probably killed before burial.