Monday, October 16, 2006

Remote sensing update Web lets UNC prof do armchair archaeology
After 25 years of fieldwork abroad, UNC-Chapel Hill archaeologist Scott Madry has dug up a new way to hunt for ancient ruins -- without leaving home.

Last year, Madry read how an Italian man accidentally discovered the outline of an ancient Roman villa while looking at his house on Google Earth. Since then, with help from the French government, Madry has confirmed the free service's promise as a research tool. As the news spreads, other scientists are growing excited, too.

Yup. Matter of fact, I went right to GE after reading about that and made an attempt to locate Kom el-Hisn in the Egyptian delta. Couldn't do it because I simply cannot find the lat-long coordinates of the place. I expect an abundance of work with this.

UPDATE: Still can't find the Kom el-Hisn lat/long but I found this site which seems to have those for a lot of other egyptian sites.