Sunday, October 15, 2006

The lost world on our doorstep
The skids come down on the rock platform, then lift again to shuffle onto a flatter position before we can clamber out. Less than half an hour later the rest of the team also flies onto the rock.

A decade ago a party of bushwalkers exploring in this same area of the Wollemi wilderness just 100 kilometres from Sydney came across a staggering overhang wallpapered in rock art. The discovery was reported to the NSW parks service immediately. Oddly, not until 2003 did a team of archaeologists, Aborigines and bushwalkers revisit the cave and return to civilisation with a story that made headlines worldwide.

The site was named Eagle's Reach and contained hundreds of art motifs ranging in age from the time of European settlement to thousands of years. The galleries included vast anthropomorphised eagles, the likes of which had never been seen anywhere.

Neat (long) article.