Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mexican monolith update Monolith Perhaps Largest Found in Mexico
Archaeologists announced Friday that a monolith discovered earlier this month near Mexico City's main square is perhaps the largest ever unearthed in the city's center.

The monolith, found on Oct. 2, is rectangular and measures nearly 13 feet on its longest side. The largest monolith from the city's center until this latest discovery _ the circular Piedra del Sol, or Aztec Calendar, unearthed in 1790 _ has a diameter of 12 feet.

Eh. Just a short discussion about its size compared to the "Aztec Caendar" stone.

UPDATE: mmm. More here: The scientists believe the monolith could cover the entrance to a chamber and may soon announce more finds.
"Most likely we will find an enormous offering below it. If there is a chamber, we will find a series of impressive offerings," he said.

Hard to know what to make of that. I haven't seen any other story raise the possibility that this thing is covering something. But maybe the guy is just speculating for effec.