Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This just in . . . . Just got this email from Richard Pettigrew of ArchaeologyChannel.org:
Friends and colleagues: The threat of nuclear weapons literally exploded
onto the world scene during World War II when the United States tested
the first nuclear device. The irony of the test site location, in the
heartland of traditional Puebloan Culture, prompted the imaginative
production of Ground Zero/Sacred Ground, the latest video feature on our
nonprofit streaming-media Web site, The Archaeology Channel

In south-central New Mexico lies Three Rivers, where the Jornada Mogollon
created over 10,000 petroglyphs between AD 900 and 1400. At the nearby
Trinity Site, White Sands Missile Range, the world's first atomic bomb
detonated in 1945. Juxtaposing these two sites reveals a striking
contrast between two worlds: one which reveres and lives in harmony with
the natural world and one which manipulates the forces of nature,
creating the means for its destruction. This animated film explores
these opposing forces and their relationship to, and effect on, one

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