Friday, October 13, 2006

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Digitized book from the University of Michigan Digital
General Collection:
-- Arthur E. P. Brome Weigall, The Life and Times of Cleopatra,
Queen of Egypt; A Study in the Origin of the Roman Empire.
Edinburgh, London: W. Blackwood and sons, 1914.
Pages must be downloaded seperately, at:

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Digitized book from "Google Book Search"
-- A. Henry Rhind, Thebes, Its Tombs and Their Tenants, Ancient
and Present, Including a Record of Excavations in the Necropolis,
London, 1862. xxi, 329 pp., [the plates are not present], some
newspaper clips are included - pdf-file: 14.2 MB

"While describing the results of certain excavations which I made
at Thebes, I have endeavoured in this volume to offer, at the
same time, a general view of Egyptian sepulchral facts, as
represented in the Necropolis of that city."

Digitized book from the Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA)
-- E. A. Wallis Budge, The Nile. Notes for Travellers in Egypt,
8th ed., London / Cairo, 1902. xxvi, 674 pp. - HTML-file: 2.2 MB

"The short descriptions of the principal Egyptian monuments on each
side of the Nile between Cairo and Khartûm, printed in the following
pages, are not in any way intended to form a 'Guide to Egypt.' They
are drawn up for the use of those travellers who have a very few
weeks to spend in Egypt, and who wish to carry away from that
country some of the more important facts connected with the
fast-perishing remains of one of the most interesting and ancient
civilizations that has been developed on the face of the earth. The
existing guide books are too full, and they contain too many details
for such travellers."

Cheryl Haldane, "The Promise of Egypt's Maritime Legacy",
in: The Institute of Nautical Archaeology Quarterly, Volume 20,
No. 2 (Spring 1993), pp. 3-7; in PDF (1.62 MB):

About a shipwreck survey of the Red Sea, and providing an
overview of the nautical heritage of ancient Egypt.
By the same author: "A Pharaoh's Fleet: Early Dynastic
Hulls from Abydos", in: INA Quarterly Vol. 19. No. 2
(Summer 1992), pp. 12-13; in PDF (1.75 MB):
About "the world's most ancient planked hulls" found
in a funerary context in Abydos in 1991.

Richard Lobban, Emily Boisseau, "Cat Mummification Project",
in: ISAZ [International Society for Anthrozoology] Newsletter,
no. 29, June 2005, pp. 10-12 - pdf-file (whole issue): 1.2 MB

"This study recreates cat mummification by using the techniques
and objectives of ancient cat mummification in the late Egyptian

[Submitted by Michael Tilgner]
New foreword by Joseph G. Manning for Miriam Lichtheim,
Ancient Egyptian Literature, vol. III: The Late Period, Berkeley /
Los Angeles / London, 2006 - 20 pp., pdf-file: 100 KB

"It is now twenty-five years since the publication of volume
three of _Ancient Egyptian Literature. A book of readings (AEL)_.
That the volume remains a major source for Egyptian literature and
history in the first millennium BC is a fine testament to the scholar
who produced it. Each of the three volumes of _AEL_ is a
remarkable achievement in its own right; as a whole they are
among the most famous volumes in English-speaking Egyptology,
and are still in regular use in courses on Egyptian history and

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