Monday, October 09, 2006

TV update History Channel's Engineering an Empire on tonight (Monday, 9 Oct) at 9/8. Peter Weller (Robocop, etc.) is hosting. Blogged about his 2nd career here somewhere, but a search failed to find said post. He's apparently either getting or gotten (probably the former) doctorate at Syracuse.

Haven't seen the thing yet, but Tracy Spurrier has a review at
Overall "Engineering an Empire: Egypt" is a fascinating look at how ancient people built extraordinary monuments. The techniques used to create, build, and decorate are unique methods which haven't been seen or implemented in quite a few millennia. The only inspiration for architecture the Egyptians had was what nature itself created. The show was entertaining and I plan to catch some of the episodes to follow which will feature the Aztecs, Greeks, Maya, Chinese, and Russians, to name a few. If you have ever wondered how the pyramids and other ancient wonders were built, then tune in to the History Channel on Monday nights.

We'll have to see how to reenactments end up. They can be fairly good and provide some insight into how things were done, but most often it's a bunch of guys in loincloths milling about pretending to be actually working at something.