Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Althouse on blogging ("ArchaeoBlog has a crush on Althoooooouse! ArchaeoBlog has a crush on Althooooooouse!")

"The model of an eclectic, general interest blog is a less viable one."

Ann says this: "It's a longstanding theme here and is, if fact, what I wrote my paper about for the Bloggership conference last spring. The theme of most of the other papers was that lawprof bloggers should find ways to make blogging more ostensibly like legal scholarship, and I passionately took the contrary position."

Yeah, blogging as drafts of journal papers would be boring and too time-consuming. Besides, if you're just communicating with your discipline's peers just use email listservs rather than a publicly accessible blog.

But, who knows. Maybe this stuff will run its course and eventually we'll only have corporate-owned professional "blogs" dishing out over-produced content designed to appeal to a statistically average readership.

Blogging ought to be fun. One of the great things about doing this is seeing something during the day and thinking "Hey! I can post this!"

It's an obsession really. . . . .