Saturday, May 05, 2007

Abu el-Haj controversy, continued “Postmodernizing” Archaeology at Barnard
So stands the El-Haj bid for tenure at Barnard College, where the distinguished Ruth Benedict once taught anthropology to young Margaret Mead. The pity is that this process should have gained such momentum in the first place. If Barnard had simply insisted on hiring faculty who – whatever their political opinions – employ evidence to support the ideas they publish, it would not now have to explain why the college is considering granting tenure to a professor who regards the extensively documented history of the Israelite and Judean kingdoms as a mere politically motivated invention.

That's an opinion piece, but it has some other links, such as this NY Sun article, which itself contains a link to this review of the book by Jacob Lassner in Middle East Quarterly.

Actually, reading that Lassner review leaves me a bit disappointed. He never really gets into any sort of detail on where he thinks she fails methodologically or factually.

But check out the other links.