Sunday, May 13, 2007

Car-blogging update
As I mentioned below, I recarpeted my Mustang this weekend. I suppose all totalled it took about 7 hours. That includes going to the hardware store for various wrenches that I didn't have. Anyway, this is what it looked like prior to beginning:

You can see it's all chewed up on the driver's side and the backing is poking through. Also faded. It's the original carpet put down in 1978 so it really hasn't worn too badly.

These two are after I pulled it all out:

The wire going across to the left is the seat belt warning. Which I disconnected. The plate on the passenger side was put in when I put the new EFI engine in it (see here).

Then I laid the old one on top of the new one and traced the openings in the center console. Note the color difference.

Note: Only do the front three holes this way. Those are the ones that have to be open before you can put it down; the other ones can be cut once you get it laid in place. I discovered it needed adjusting and the back hole -- where the little compartment is -- was cut a little too far back and I needed to cut some more. Fortunately, the console cover went over the excess hole, as in this picture:

This next one just shows it almost done, with the driver's side all in:

Unfortunately, I'll probably have to buy another carpet and do it again, or rather, have it done by a professional. It looks okay, but there are a few (large) wrinkles in it. Worse, however, the side parts that go onto the door sill are too short so they don't go under the panel and stick out. This is apparently something with the manufacturer because two other people had the same thing happen. Oddly, they are okay in the front where I didn't fit it too well, but in the back where it did fit well, it's too short. So, eh.