Thursday, May 24, 2007

Protesters call King Tut exhibit racist
A traveling exhibition on King Tutankhamun drew about 50 protesters who denounced the popular display as racist.

Molefi Asante, a professor of African-American studies at Temple University, led the demonstration Sunday outside the Franklin Institute, claiming the exhibit has no mention of Africa and that it suggests that the ancient Egyptian king was white.

Asante, who is also president of the Association of Kemetic Nubian Heritage, specifically pointed to a representation of Tut that "looks more like Boy George than the boy king."

A spokeswoman for the Franklin Institute said images of Tut vary throughout the museum. In response to the protest, the museum will hold a symposium this summer at which scholars and experts will discuss forensic evidence relating to King Tut.

Similar protests have been held in other U.S. cities where the exhibit has appeared.

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